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Caring for your print

Posters are printed on smooth bright archival paper with lightfast and archival ink that can last a lifetime if properly cared for. 

To clean off dust, use a dry very soft cloth, soft brush, or air blower to avoid smudges or scratches on the print surface. 

Avoid scratching the surface with fingernails, or other sharp edges to keep the print looking its best. 

Prints arrive carefully rolled in a tube. When your print arrives, gently and carefully unroll the print and lay it out on a clean surface and place it under some weights (like books or records) to flatten it for a few minutes or hours.

Some people try to reroll the print in a reversed direction to flatten out the print, but this usually ends up bending or creasing the print. If you decided to do this, proceed carefully to avoid creasing, bending or scratching the prints. 


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